Hot Pose


Never give up on Blasphemy Nitizen Pamela Safitri Shows Hot Pose on Instagram
After the incident, the breasts spilled, now sworddut Pamela Safitri is back in the spotlight of netizens. Recently, the former Wolf Duo personnel have posted three photos in one frame on his Instagram account. In the photo, Pamela is seen posing seductively in mini clothes. Apparently, the photo was posted by Pamela to invite her followers to interact.

The post reaps strange comments from netizens. However, many netizens also made scathing comments for him. They suspect Pamela’s crying and apology some time ago were just settings.

This is one of the comments of an ekacyil account, “Yesterday, the one who cried said that accidentally, it was a disaster, he said that he wanted polite clothes, which is natural to blablabla. The reality can’t be changed. Money is delicious, if asked to open up as long as you get millions, you will definitely want it, “.

“Choose which hayo red, yellow, blue,” wrote Pamela as a caption of the photo. Suddenly, netizens immediately reacted to the photos. There are those who praise and some who give scathing comments to him.

As we have seen some time ago, Pamela Safitri has admitted some of her mistakes for appearing on stage so vulgarly. But it seems that this does not deter him because he has received many attacks from netizens. Even today he repeated it again, with sexy and minimal photos. Wearing a hot pen and a t-shirt top but still showing her femininity. He now also shows seductive poses as if all of his fans are boys.