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Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Tourism


No one will forget the impact the year 2020 has had, as a small percentage of life on the planet was wiped away by a virus that created unprecedented situations. Life changed by rotating over an axis by 180 degrees to a new normal. People are still adapting to the world of masks and social distancing. While the daily lives changed drastically, it impacted various other sectors as well. It has all led to a higher rate of unemployment in several countries. Many companies have shut down completely over the past several months.

As many industries are suffering massive losses and downfalls, the economies are failing to step back into action. Countries have been affected badly during this period, with tourism being the one area that got wiped away. This particular industry has been affected in all the countries since people aren’t confident enough to travel during the pandemic. The traveling restrictions triggered this slump in the first place. As the cases kept increasing all across the globe over the months, the industry was falling to zero traction. Let us look at the impact of the pandemic on tourism in detail.


Tourism Industries in Various Countries

·         Australia

The total economic cost to the sector in Australia was expected to be $4.5 billion by February 2020. Casinos also fell in sales, causing losses that would take years to be compensated. Around $600 million was lost by the two localities- Gold Coast and Cairns. The national travel agency Flight Centre closed around 100 stores throughout Australia. All of this led to the decline in share price and the termination of 6,000 staff.

·         Bulgaria

As soon as all the countries were locked down in March, Bulgaria also banned the entry of foreigners. Travelers coming into the country fell by 44%, leaving only important business trips and emergency family trips contributing to the industry.


·         Cambodia

The number of foreign arrivals fell drastically by more than 50% in March 2020. Angkor Wat is one of the usually crowded places left deserted after that outbreak of the virus. Travel restrictions were imposed in the country by banning the entry of visitors from countries such as Iran, France, Spain, Germany, the United States, and Italy. The ravaging pandemic affected Cambodia’s tourism industry the most, with a decrease in arrivals of around 65% by the end of the month. More than 10,000 tourism sector staff were made redundant by June as 600 hotels closed down.

·         China

As the origin of the pandemic, China was the first to endure the bad phase. The fear of contagion caused a ban on foreign travelers in all areas of the country.

The other countries that had their tourism affected due to the pandemic include Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Serbia, Slovenia, Singapore, Mexico, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Spain, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United States. Of all these countries, the US was affected the most in all sectors, including casinos, hotels, rental cars, cruising, and restaurants.

BNN: Drugs are now the lifestyle of some celebrities


BNN: Drugs are now the lifestyle of some celebrities
Head of the Sub-Directorate for the Work Environment and Society of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), Senior Commissioner Ricky Yanuarfi, stated that drugs tend to be close to celebrities.

According to him, this vulnerability occurs because this addictive substance is considered part of the lifestyle by some celebrities.

Some artists consider drugs as a way of life. They are very vulnerable to being caught in drugs. Because as many artists know, many use drugs, whether it’s for their own interests or just for fun.

As a role model from society, the artist should be an example for fans who idolize them. As we all know, the apparatus has captured a number of artists who have many fans, such as Eza Gionino and Sammy Simorangkir.

And no less horrendous, the authorities recently arrested a sworddut who is known to be gentle and the son of the Indonesian Dangdut King Roma Irama. Ridho Rhoma was arrested on Saturday morning, around 04.00 WIB. Ridho Rhoma is suspected of consuming methamphetamine-type drugs.

In addition, one of the drugs that has also made the public excited and of course still involves artists as well, this year is the arrest of Andika, a former Peterpan band member. He is known to consume Gorilla tobacco type drugs.

Ricky is worried about fans imitating what their idol is doing. And it will have an impact on increasing drug users.

Most artists think of drugs as a place of escape when they fall into the glittering world they are struggling with, even though there are still many positive things they can do when they are getting bored and bored with their world, such as making a work that makes money it will give satisfaction. alone.

Profile Andika Wayan Putra

Failed to Win Champion in the European League, Manchester United lost Rp. 860 billion

European League

Failed to Win Champion in the European League, Manchester United lost Rp. 860 billion
Failure to win in the European League Club Manchester United will lose IDR 860 billion [Image source: BBC]
Money of £ 50 million or around Rp. 860 billion, United machester club will lose this money if in the European league final match can not beat the club invite Amsterdam. The match which will take place on May 24 2017 in Stock Holm, Sweden.

To be able to qualify for the champions league the only way Manchester United must take is to win in European league matches. Because the club that is nicknamed the red devil is no longer possible to enter the top four of the English Premier League.

If on two consecutive occasions Mancester United cannot qualify for the champions league, the club will be fined £ 21 from adidas. because it does not comply with the 10-year contract agreement which is valued at £ 750 million or around 12.8 trillion.

In addition, they will also lose an income of £ 30 million, if they cannot qualify for the champions league.Manchester United finance official Cliff Baty said “for us, the bigger prize this season is adidas and the champions league.

Manchester United in this regard expects to earn between £ 40 million and £ 50 million in the Champions League, very much compared to the European league which is valued at only around £ 15 million- £ 20 million.Jose Mourinho’s club will get a prize of £ 6.5 million if they succeed in becoming champions of the European league, while if only second place will only get £ 3.5 million.In this final match United will also receive around £ 7 million for having dropped in the European league, this income as a prize for the first or second European champion.

Never Give Up On Blasphemy Nitizen Pamela Safitri Shows Hot Pose on Instagram

Hot Pose

Never give up on Blasphemy Nitizen Pamela Safitri Shows Hot Pose on Instagram
After the incident, the breasts spilled, now sworddut Pamela Safitri is back in the spotlight of netizens. Recently, the former Wolf Duo personnel have posted three photos in one frame on his Instagram account. In the photo, Pamela is seen posing seductively in mini clothes. Apparently, the photo was posted by Pamela to invite her followers to interact.

The post reaps strange comments from netizens. However, many netizens also made scathing comments for him. They suspect Pamela’s crying and apology some time ago were just settings.

This is one of the comments of an ekacyil account, “Yesterday, the one who cried said that accidentally, it was a disaster, he said that he wanted polite clothes, which is natural to blablabla. The reality can’t be changed. Money is delicious, if asked to open up as long as you get millions, you will definitely want it, “.

“Choose which hayo red, yellow, blue,” wrote Pamela as a caption of the photo. Suddenly, netizens immediately reacted to the photos. There are those who praise and some who give scathing comments to him.

As we have seen some time ago, Pamela Safitri has admitted some of her mistakes for appearing on stage so vulgarly. But it seems that this does not deter him because he has received many attacks from netizens. Even today he repeated it again, with sexy and minimal photos. Wearing a hot pen and a t-shirt top but still showing her femininity. He now also shows seductive poses as if all of his fans are boys.

Do not get used to children sucking while lying down, this is the danger

child sucking

Do not get used to children sucking while lying down, this is the danger
Tooth decay in children is often neglected by parents. Some people underestimate tooth decay in children. The dental caries usually starts from the front teeth, then spreads to the lower teeth. As for caries, it arises due to several very trivial things. For example, it could be that in the habits of children drinking milk, children often use bottles until late in bed. This will cause dental keries, so avoid the child swelling while sleeping.

Drg. Felicia Melati Sp.KGA, said that not only formula-fed children but breastfed children can too. That’s because the sugar left from the milk will be left in his teeth. What should you do as a parent? Stop breastfeeding immediately if your child starts to look sleepy. Don’t wait until your child falls asleep. He also suggested that if your child is getting sleepy, then stop giving milk.

Then make it a habit for children to clean their teeth using warm gauze, then wipe their teeth slowly. So, make sure there are no remnants of milk left or stuck to your child’s teeth. Felica also suggested using sterile gauze given warm water, then clean the teeth from the remaining milk.

Eating milk or other sweet liquids using a pacifier should not be a habit before your child sleeps. This habit is one of the main causes of your child’s teeth with cavities or caries spoilage. According to drg Rudy Kurniawan, a specialist in pediatric dentistry, caries rampant is an infection that damages the structure of the teeth. So in this case the habit of sleeping while lying down must be stopped and don’t become a habit.

Christiano Ronaldo: Champions League Final Chance 50:50

Christiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo: Champions League Final Chance 50:50 – Ronaldo successfully led Madrid to the third Champions League final in the last four seasons. Madrid, who knocked out Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals and Atletico Madrid in the semifinals, expressed their joy at beating Atletico Madrid in the semifinals. What Christiano Ronaldo said, he also considered that Madrid deserved to win because it had more experience than Atletico.

“We are aware Atletico will appear attacking from the start. They are lucky to score two goals. However, we have such experience. We know a goal will kill them. We are Madrid and have shown a lot more experience,” said Ronaldo.

Furthermore, Madrid will duel with Juventus in the top party in Cardiff. In that round, Los Merengues will face tough opponents Juventus which will be held on June 3.

Cristiano Ronaldo thinks there is no favorite in the Champions League final this season. Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is aware his team will not easily win the final round. He also said that the two teams had the opportunity to win.

“Nothing is easy and we will fight until the end to win the Champions League. We are in a good moment. However, I see the chances of the two teams in the final are 50-50, “said Ronaldo.
” The final is never easy for us, “continued Ronaldo to L’Equipe.
” We have to fight until the end and the team is in good condition. Final 50-50. We have a great team, we show it greetings every game, “he said.
” Our team is very complete and now we have to win the Champions League, “he concluded.