BNN: Drugs are now the lifestyle of some celebrities

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BNN: Drugs are now the lifestyle of some celebrities
Head of the Sub-Directorate for the Work Environment and Society of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), Senior Commissioner Ricky Yanuarfi, stated that drugs tend to be close to celebrities.

According to him, this vulnerability occurs because this addictive substance is considered part of the lifestyle by some celebrities.

Some artists consider drugs as a way of life. They are very vulnerable to being caught in drugs. Because as many artists know, many use drugs, whether it’s for their own interests or just for fun.

As a role model from society, the artist should be an example for fans who idolize them. As we all know, the apparatus has captured a number of artists who have many fans, such as Eza Gionino and Sammy Simorangkir.

And no less horrendous, the authorities recently arrested a sworddut who is known to be gentle and the son of the Indonesian Dangdut King Roma Irama. Ridho Rhoma was arrested on Saturday morning, around 04.00 WIB. Ridho Rhoma is suspected of consuming methamphetamine-type drugs.

In addition, one of the drugs that has also made the public excited and of course still involves artists as well, this year is the arrest of Andika, a former Peterpan band member. He is known to consume Gorilla tobacco type drugs.

Ricky is worried about fans imitating what their idol is doing. And it will have an impact on increasing drug users.

Most artists think of drugs as a place of escape when they fall into the glittering world they are struggling with, even though there are still many positive things they can do when they are getting bored and bored with their world, such as making a work that makes money it will give satisfaction. alone.

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