Do not get used to children sucking while lying down, this is the danger
Tooth decay in children is often neglected by parents. Some people underestimate tooth decay in children. The dental caries usually starts from the front teeth, then spreads to the lower teeth. As for caries, it arises due to several very trivial things. For example, it could be that in the habits of children drinking milk, children often use bottles until late in bed. This will cause dental keries, so avoid the child swelling while sleeping.

Drg. Felicia Melati Sp.KGA, said that not only formula-fed children but breastfed children can too. That’s because the sugar left from the milk will be left in his teeth. What should you do as a parent? Stop breastfeeding immediately if your child starts to look sleepy. Don’t wait until your child falls asleep. He also suggested that if your child is getting sleepy, then stop giving milk.

Then make it a habit for children to clean their teeth using warm gauze, then wipe their teeth slowly. So, make sure there are no remnants of milk left or stuck to your child’s teeth. Felica also suggested using sterile gauze given warm water, then clean the teeth from the remaining milk.

Eating milk or other sweet liquids using a pacifier should not be a habit before your child sleeps. This habit is one of the main causes of your child’s teeth with cavities or caries spoilage. According to drg Rudy Kurniawan, a specialist in pediatric dentistry, caries rampant is an infection that damages the structure of the teeth. So in this case the habit of sleeping while lying down must be stopped and don’t become a habit.