European League


Failed to Win Champion in the European League, Manchester United lost Rp. 860 billion
Failure to win in the European League Club Manchester United will lose IDR 860 billion [Image source: BBC]
Money of £ 50 million or around Rp. 860 billion, United machester club will lose this money if in the European league final match can not beat the club invite Amsterdam. The match which will take place on May 24 2017 in Stock Holm, Sweden.

To be able to qualify for the champions league the only way Manchester United must take is to win in European league matches. Because the club that is nicknamed the red devil is no longer possible to enter the top four of the English Premier League.

If on two consecutive occasions Mancester United cannot qualify for the champions league, the club will be fined £ 21 from adidas. because it does not comply with the 10-year contract agreement which is valued at £ 750 million or around 12.8 trillion.

In addition, they will also lose an income of £ 30 million, if they cannot qualify for the champions league.Manchester United finance official Cliff Baty said “for us, the bigger prize this season is adidas and the champions league.

Manchester United in this regard expects to earn between £ 40 million and £ 50 million in the Champions League, very much compared to the European league which is valued at only around £ 15 million- £ 20 million.Jose Mourinho’s club will get a prize of £ 6.5 million if they succeed in becoming champions of the European league, while if only second place will only get £ 3.5 million.In this final match United will also receive around £ 7 million for having dropped in the European league, this income as a prize for the first or second European champion.